Angels vs. Dodgers. The Best Rivalry in Major League Baseball

The Freeway series is the best rivalry in Major League Baseball.  I look at the series stats and there really aren't that many games to go on, 92 regular season meetings so far.  They have never met in the playoffs, which would obviously have to occur in the World Series since they are in separate leagues.  But, I think that is what makes this series so much better than let's say the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry.  They play what seems like 92 regular season games every season and I don't know about everybody else, but I am tired of seeing these two teams play against each other every weekend.

The best part about this series at the present time is that the Angels are managed by an ex-Dodger, Mike Scioscia.  Scioscia spent his entire career (1980-1992) playing catcher for the Dodgers.  Both teams have seen there share of success in the past.  Of course the Angels success has been more recent, but both teams seem to have great front office personnel that is going to keep them as contenders into the future.

The Dodgers have seen their darkest days come and pass as soon as the group led by Magic Johnson took over.  They have a Cy Young winning pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, who is only 24 years old.  They also have a great young talent in Matt Kemp, who would have been MVP this season if it weren't for injuries setting him back.  Now, they have brought in a rather young and talented infielder in Hanley Ramirez.  If Ramirez can rededicate himself and become the All-Star that we all know he can be, this is a huge acquisition.

The Angels, just like the Dodgers, possess solid young talent.  They have a capable Cy Young winning pitcher in Jered Weaver.  They also have the best player in the game for the past 5 or 6 seasons in Albert Pujols.  Oh and not to forget their immensely young and talented outfield that includes Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo.  Throw in some solid veteran players and a front office that doesn't seem to be afraid to spend money and you get a team that is going to be good for years to come.

Both of these teams are intriguing to watch and maybe they do need to be in the same league so that East coast people can understand how annoying it is to watch the same two teams play 50 times a season and usually on national television.  Maybe I am just a bitter West coast sports fan, but come on ESPN, TBS, and Fox, let's show some games that don't involve those two teams.  Their is plenty of baseball talent in the two LA teams, well the one LA team and the Orange County team.  I don't want to get started on the LAA of Anaheim fiasco.  I just want people to appreciate the talent and teams from California.

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