Angels Off-Season Report

The Angels are making strides to bolster their biggest flaw from last season, pitching.  More so the bullpen than the starters, but they still needed to make some changes.  So far though, we have seen a lot more players leaving the Angels than we have seen joining them.

Torii Hunter bolted for Detroit.  Dan Haren is now taking his talent to Washington.  Who else is about to bolt?  How about Zack Greinke.  The one player that I thought for sure the Angels were for sure going to re-sign and I felt needed to re-sign.  The Angels have instead made some moves to bring in 4th or 5th in the rotation guys like Joe Blanton and Tommy Hanson.  Not sure if that is what Angel fans want to see.

Greinke would be the best compliment to both Weaver and Wilson.   A guy who eats up innings and should be expected to win 18 games a season.  There is no other pitcher out there that is available with the same talent, assuming that R.A. Dickey is not on the Angels radar.  I can get behind making that move to let Torii go, but that is because there is a logjam in the outfield for the Angles (oh and maybe an outside shot at grabbing Josh Hamilton?)

The Angels, who were more than willing to spend a billion dollars last off-season seem to be making more money conscious decision this year.  I think that is admirable of them, but it doesn't exactly mean they are going to win more games.  Especially, if say Greinke ends up on the Texas Rangers.  Which is looking more and more likely.  We can't lose another big time player to the team who continually beats the Angels.

The signing of reliever Ryan Madson was huge.  He was somebody the Angels desperately needed.  That is of course assuming that he is healthy this season.  So who else can the Angels grab this off-season to bolster that horrendous bullpen.  Who knows really?  Every time I feel like I have a beat about what the Angels are trying to do they completely change their minds.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Angels did something dumb like grab another first baseman or center fielder, the two positions that are not going to be available for the next 8 years at least.

I know one thing is for sure.  The Angels will be a better team this season.  Let me make one proclamation for this season.  Mike Trout will be better than he was this season, considerably better.  The best thing about Trout is that his room for improvement is only limited by his exposure to the game.  At this point he is more than willing to take in all that baseball has to offer him.  The scary thing is that he has more to offer baseball than baseball has to offer back.  Watch out for a scary good season from an incredible talent.

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