A Day at the Big "A"

Going to a live sporting event is always a lot of fun.  I can't really remember my first live event, but I can remember that I loved it.  I want to say that it was an Angels baseball game when I was 7 or 8 and they were playing Seattle.  I was a huge fan of Ken Griffey Jr. (still am), but I was still an Angel fan.  The game itself was alright, but it was the experience of being there at the ballpark watching the game in front of me and not just on the television.

When you go to Angel stadium or any sporting event for that matter the first thing you are bound to realize are the ridiculous prices for parking.  I hope that you came with at least 5 other people who are willing to spend a couple bucks each to afford the $20+ parking.  Then when you get inside you notice the ridiculous pricing for a hot dog, cotton candy or a drink and don't even get me started on beer prices.

As a kid you never really realize the expense that goes into attending a live sporting event.  You just want to go and eat like a pig and watch some sports.  You don't know how much your parents spend on you just to give you what you want.

When you grow up you just don't care about the prices, for the most part, because you just want to be there in person to watch the game.  Being there live is nothing like sitting in front of the television and watching.  You don't get the same sounds, smells or feelings.  Being there you feel the momentum switch back and forth during the game.  You feel the energy of a great pitching performance or home run after home run.

That is why going to the Big A is so awesome.  Anaheim is a great stadium to catch a ball game.  It's not the biggest or the most spectacular only because it is older than many of the parks of today, but it has a certain feel about it.  The rocks and waterfall out in left-center field are amazing even though they are fake.  The bullpens in left field where you can see all the relievers getting warmed up.  The big scoreboard on the right field fence.  The nosebleed seats, where I usually sit, filled with fans just trying to catch another Halo victory.

The biggest thing you notice about the ballpark though isn't even inside the stadium.  It's the giant A that stands just outside that makes Angel Stadium so awesome.  You can see that big A as you are driving up to the stadium and if you are an Angel fan you know you get a little excited.  It marks the spot where your favorite baseball team play 81 games a season.  No matter what the title of the team (California, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) they will be there.  I suggest any baseball fan to try and make it to a game at least once in their lives.  If you don't like it that is okay, you can always take a 2 minute drive over to Disneyland after.

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