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From the world's best full-back to England's fourth choice, Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold is still looking for answers as he admits his performances for his country haven't been up to scratch and 'expects more'

Maybe it is best just to start again: Trent Alexander-Arnold meet England, England meet Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Sometimes it's better to draw a line under initial clumsy attempts to form a relationship and begin afresh.

It feels a little like that with Alexander-Arnold and the national team. Remember, this is a player who was widely recognised as the best right-back in the world in the season in which Liverpool won the Champions League, 2019.

Liverpool and England right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has struggled form and fitness

The cheeky, impulsive corner kick to Divock Origi, to crown the spectacular comeback against Barcelona in the semi-final, was a player at peak of his confidence and totally in command of his unique skills.