Raiders Trading Derek Carr Or Marcus Mariota? + Free Agency Rumors On Richard Sherman & Melvin Ingram

Las Vegas Raiders rumors are buzzing with the 2021 NFL offseason finally here! Derek Carr trade rumors are heating up, should the Raiders explore a Derek Carr trade? Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson and Melvin Ingram will all be 2021 NFL free agents, should the Raiders target Sherman, Peterson and Ingram in NFL Free Agency? Marcus Mariota trade rumors have picked up some steam with NFL rumors suggesting the Patriots could be interested, should the Raiders look to make a Marcus Mariota trade happen? Raiders Report Host Mitchell Renz breaks down all of the latest Raiders rumors on today’s Raiders Rumors video!

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Derek Carr trade rumors have started to heat up with NFL rumors stating that Derek Carr could be worth two 1st round picks in a trade. If the Raiders are able to get two 1st round picks in return for a Derek Carr trade should Mike Mayock pull the trigger? The Bears have been reported to be interested in a Derek Carr trade which would involve Nick Foles. The belief is the Raiders would use the picks they get in a Derek Carr trade to make a trade for another QB.

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Melvin Ingram and Richard Sherman have both played under Gus Bradley earlier in their careers and have been linked to signing with the Raiders in NFL free agency. Patrick Peterson's time as an Arizona Cardinal seems to be coming to an end with Peterson entering NFL free agency. Should the Raiders sign Patrick Peterson in NFL free agency to give Gus Bradley a veteran presence in the Raiders secondary?

Las Vegas Raiders Rumors In Today’s Video:
- Derek Carr Trade Rumors
- Richard Sherman, Melvin Ingram & Patrick Peterson Raiders Free Agency Rumors
- Marcus Mariota Trade Rumors

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