Raiders Trade Rumors On Tarvarius Moore, Cut Arden Key? + Which NFL Player Will Score The 1st TD In Allegiant Stadium,

Raiders news and rumors swirling around right now happens to be around the Las Vegas Raiders trading for 49ers FS Tarvarius Moore, cutting Arden Key, Allegiant Stadium and PFF rankings of the Raiders’ receiving corps. Fansided predicted the Raiders to deal a 2021 3rd round pick for Moore, what does Mitchell think of this idea? Arden Key is a talented player but hasn’t been able to stay healthy or showcase his talents on the field, will he be cut before the 2020 season? Speaking of the 2020 season will there be NFL games this year? Miami Dolphins GM seems to think so. Mitchell Renz, host of the Raiders Report, breaks it all down IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW.

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Raiders rumors also around Josh Jacobs and how he is the most likely Raider to score the first TD at Allegiant stadium, and how PFF ranked all the NFL receiving corps in 2020, find out where the Raiders fall.

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Raiders News & Rumors on today’s Raiders Report with Mitchell Renz:
There will be Football in 2020?
Josh Jacobs First TD in Vegas?
Raiders trading for Tarvarius Moore?
Raiders cutting Arden Key?

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