Raiders Trade Rumors On Jadeveon Clowney & Ezekiel Elliott + News On Antonio Brown, Darren Waller & Marcell Ateman

Jadeveon Clowney & Ezekiel Elliott trade rumors have been swirling and now there are Raiders trade rumors around both players. What are the chances the Oakland Raiders go out and trade for Clowney and Zeke? Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz, host of the Raiders Report is heated because of the Raiders trade rumor BS plus someone said that Antonio Brown isn’t a top 5 WR.

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Raiders news & rumors that people have been talking about recently are also around roster cuts and players the Raiders are targeting after cuts are made. Plus for those of you that play fantasy football, is Darren Waller going to be a top 12 tight end? Will Darren Waller be a sleeper, breakout, or bust?

In the video above & below Chat Sports' Mitchell Renz, host of the Raiders Report tells you through the latest Raiders trade rumors, & news!

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