Raiders Trade Rumors: Derek Carr & Darren Waller For Deshaun Watson? + Trent Brown Rumors

Raiders rumors on today’s Raiders Report feature Deshaun Watson, Derek Carr, Darren Waller, Trent Brown, Jason Witten, David Irving, Colin Cowherd. Colin Cowherd yesterday suggested that the Raiders should trade Derek Carr, Darren Waller and 4 first round picks for Texans star QB Deshaun Watson, what does Mitchell Renz think of this trade idea? Jason Witten will not be returning to the Raiders in 2021, find out which head coach football job he accepted. Does Trent Brown want to go back to the Patriots? Will the Raiders re-sign David Irving? 

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Deshaun Watson has been swirling in the latest Raiders trade rumors. Mitchell believes that Derek Carr is going to be the Raiders QB in 2021, but does think the Raiders should explore trading for Watson. With the latest NFL news on Watson’s asking price, what type of trade could it take to get Watson? Could it involve Johnathan Abram or Damon Arnette?

Raiders News & Rumors featured in today’s Raiders Report with Mitchell Renz:
Derek Carr will be the Raiders QB in 2021?
Derek Carr’s Trade Value
Deshaun Watson NFL News
Colin Cowherd crazy Deshaun Watson to the Raiders trade
Mitchell Renz’s Deshaun Watson Trade
Jason Witten not returning to the Raiders
Trent Brown wants to go back to the Patriots
David Irving not returning?

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