BREAKING: Antonio Brown Threatens To Never Play Football Again Due To Banned Helmet

Raiders superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown, who the Oakland Raiders acquired via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers, is reportedly refusing to play football again until is allowed to wear a helmet that is now banned by the NFL. Teams that allow their players to win wear this now banned helmet will be punished by the NFL. Antonio Brown believes the new helmet interferes with his vision

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The Oakland Raiders have been sending different versions of the old helmet to Antonio Brown, but Antonio Brown will not try any of them and maintains that he will hold out until he is allowed to wear the old helmet, which does not impair his vision, according to Adam Schefter. Antonio Brown recently suffered from blistered feet. He was not playing in training camp, and although many believed it was due to his foot blisters, it may have had more to do with the helmet issues. 

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