The Week-End Before Christmas in the NFL…Week 16


This is a crazy time of year. Everything about the Christmas season is silly, too, because no one can stop this snow-balling insanity.

Just to be sure: The NFL games this weekend are equally vexing. Three games have double-digit spreads, yet the hardest ones to predict are the contests that barely even have a number by which to separate them.

That’s why that song’s my opener, yet I’m thinking rather clearly on the ones in this column, for I’ve left the ballgames that are truly terrifying out of this column. The likes of SF/SEA, NO/DAL, NYG/BAL I’d never go near…fyi

Oakland @ Carolina (-9 ½). The Raiders are in trouble in this spot because Carolina has something to prove. You know that by following their last two contests: Dominating the Falcons and then flying cross-country to demolish the Chargers. Oakland just can’t hang with them right now; the Panthers are too hot. Not to beat a dead horse, also, but when the Raiders lose, they don’t cover. So ask yourself if you think they can win this first, and then ponder them covering this number.

Atlanta (-3 ½) @ Detroit. ATL has gotten their groove back—and they needed to do that badly if they wanted to make a playoff run beyond round one. The Falcons handled the Giants beautifully after an embarrassing defeat to the Panthers. Detroit, however, finds their team in a freefall. Last week the Cards handed them a huge L, something from which they probably cannot recover. And especially with Atlanta coming to town, the Lions need be worried. Take the over, too, but most importantly, watch this show on Saturday night, for it’ll be wild.

Tennessee @ Green Bay (-13). That number is huge, yet ‘tis the only one about which I’m confident. As one of the double-digit point spreads, this situation in which the Packers find themselves is the smallest. The Titans had a hard time beating the Jets—yeah, the Jets—but the real reason I bring that up is because of the short week (the game was on Monday night). Green Bay big…I think.

St. Louis (+3) @ Tampa Bay. This is just a coach pick. Tampa’s head coach is suffering from the adjustment to the NFL after flaming out in college. The Rams, moreover, have a vet at the helm, and he’s finally getting through. If you don’t believe the logic, just remember the games against the 49ers; they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Chicago @ Arizona (+5 ½). The last time the Arizona Cardinals had a legitimate QB, they played in the Stupor Bowl. Look it up. This team’s found their coach, yet they’ve stuck with him, most likely, because he’s a tremendous manager of talent; plus, he’s a teacher. Da Bears have problems of their own; problems that can’t be solved so many miles from home.


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