The Stupor Bowl

I call this the game happening on Sunday the Stupor Bowl for one reason: The overall intoxication that it causes.

There is no game in the history of Earth that throws everyone in this country into more of a tizzy than this. People who haven’t even watched or cared about the sport all year huddle around their TVs, go to friend’s houses, or even throw parties, just for this very football game.

The Stupor Bowl even has a designated Media Day, and it has its own week of preparation for itself as an occurrence.

All of that being said, on with my pick:

New England Patriots (-3) versus New York Giants. This game means more to New England than New York, and it’s not hard to say that—even for it being for all the marbles. The Patriots lost to the Giants earlier this year, so revenge becomes a factor.

Plus, who could forget, or fail to be reminded of, the New York Football Giants spoiling New England’s perfect season a few years ago.

New England has too much time to prepare for New York for the Giants’ own good, and they have too much media attention not be constantly bothered about a game they shall never forget.

The Giants have their positives, but the Patriots’ outweigh theirs heavily. Furthermore, they’re playing in Indianapolis, indoors, in the dome, so just about everything points toward New England.

Best Commercial: Beer Company, Car Manufacturer, Junk-Food Supplier, Cell-Phone Conglomerate, or Other. It’s a staple of this contest, waiting for the commercials. Companies definitely shell out enough money to get their ads on television, and they’re guaranteed the world will see, so we’re always in for something to talk and argue about the following week other than game.

Beer companies are a norm, but they’ve been stale lately (Stella Artois had a pretty good one last go around however), and the American Beer Companies tend to insult us as human beings; a car manufacturer (Chrysler) had the best one last year, so that won’t happen again; junk-food supplier do more harm than good, and they’ll continue that trend during the breaks from the action; I hate cell phones, so they’re out too.

I vote for an ‘Other’ just because I’d like to be surprised by something unforeseen while I’m taking time off from enjoying New England’s route of the Giants. Maybe something like a good movie trailer or something from someone unexpectedly pops up and knocks us all off our chairs. Now that’d be cool.

Well, it’s all over but the crying, as they say, and for my own sake, I hope the Pats pull through, and the only tears shed are those of joy in New England—and for all those that hit this game, too, mind you.

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