This columnist has seen the error of his ways: I’m not good at the playoffs.

Call it a sign; call it being dragged “into the light” where I belong.

No more Master bs; no more. For I’m just another talking head—yet I happen to be hiding behind a laptop, instead of a teleprompter, or recorded message—so I won’t hide behind some pre-conceived notion that I’m wiser than the casual reader.

This is just me—the cockiness, the grandiose, the confidence, the ignorance of the mere fact that I’ve been wrong more this year than I have not.

But I never promised perfection; the only thing I promised was good writing, and, I think, I’ve delivered.

So more of that…Less whining

San Fran (-4) @ ATL. This is easy: The Niners on turf screams lay the points.

The 49ers’ D alone will revel at the mere idea of chasing the Falcons on turf—let alone in their-own building.

Would I love to see Atlanta lose? Of course, but that won’t cloud my judgment. (At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.)

ATL going down in flames makes me all hot-and-bothered, yet I can see no other scenario, so why not double down and tell everyone that it’ll happen.

Recall the Mayan calendar…Okay bad example.

However, this is football, and the Falcons can’t hang with Frisco; either that, or Vegas is playing a mean trick on us making the home team the ‘dog.

Either/or, neither/nor: Don’t take the team from Georgia: Take the boys from the Best Coast.

Baltimore (+8 ½) @ NE. Call it a hunch; call it a shot-in-the-dark; just don’t call it bad business…

The Ravens have a certain Je ne sais pas

Other than that—without mentioning names—I just know this Ravens team won’t go down without a fight, and I know my word isn’t worth a damn, but, I like the Ravens. (If I’ve just doomed Baltimore’s hopes, I sincerely apologize, but, I hope, I don’t have that much pull.)

The Pats have holes on D, especially in the secondary. And the Ravens D hasn’t quit for years, nor has it been the reason they’ve lost for the same duration.

So, if you’re a betting man still with coin to spare having listened to me, take the Ravens, the points and place something on the money line just in case. For you never know.

(I certainly don’t.)

Taking Both Road Teams (+3) @ Anyone Else’s Stadium. “It’s not a lie, if you believe it,” said one George Costanza. And I believe it; therefore, there’s no reason to fret…

The Falcons aren’t fooling anyone, nor are the Patriots; plus, wouldn’t you love to see a sibling rivalry played out for two weeks before football actually happens.

Don’t deny it, for each and every one of you would love it; I’m just the first one to run to the window, scream and shout, and claim it as my own doing.

You’re welcome.

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