Raiders Offense: Insert Quarterback Here

Despite Hue Jackson’s blunt declaration that it remains to be seen whether he will bring in another quarterback, I believe the Raiders should give Kyle Boller a chance. If Boller can continue what the Raiders have been doing all year – handing the ball off to Darren McFadden – and minimize the number of interceptions, Jason Campbell’s absence may not derail the Raiders’ season. Afterall, the Raiders offense is by no means a quarterback dominated one. It relies on a strong running presence and calls on the quarterback to throw for a low 200 yards a game and two touchdowns if things are going really well. In fact, the two games where Jason Campbell threw for over 300 yards passing ended up being losing efforts. The Raiders play best when they can establish the running game with McFadden and use the quarterback to manage the game rather than dominate it. Kyle Boller is certainly capable of managing, but he needs to keep his interceptions to a minimum, a flaw, which has plagued him throughout his eight year career, where his total touchdowns often equaled his total interceptions.

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