Oakland Raiders Tweets: Highlighted Tweets Sent By Raiders On Social Media Day

Some of the Oakland Raiders players took the time to tweet and send out their thank you’s to their followers and fans over at Twitter. This is in line for the celebration of the Social Media Day.

Take a look at some of the highlighted tweets below:

S/O to all tha fans that follow n stand behind us we really appreciate it. #raidersSMDay

— darren mcfadden (@dmcfadden20) June 30, 2013

BIG Thanks to #RaiderNation !!! #RaiderSMDay

— Mychal Rivera (@MychalRivera) June 30, 2013

For that feeling when you know you got a whole NATION behind you! #RaidersSMDay

— Nick Roach (@ricknoach) June 30, 2013

#RaiderNation best fans in the NFL. Thanks for the support #RaidersSMDay

— Jacoby Ford (@JacobyFord12) June 30, 2013

So excited for this season to start!!! Can't wait to see & thank #raidernation #raiderssmday

— Josh Cribbs (@JoshCribbs16) June 30, 2013

Big Shout to @RAIDERS for all they've been doing for us... We're Just Getting Started Tho!!! #RaiderSMDay

— Sio Moore (@MrOakTown55) June 30, 2013

That time is come'n and I know y'all ready. S/O to the one and only nation #RaiderNation appreciate the love and support #RaiderSMDay

— Juron Criner (@JbamaCriner82) June 30, 2013

Most supportive fans in the NFL. Thanks #RaiderNation. #RaidersSMDay

— lamarr houston (@solo_dolo_9s) June 30, 2013

Shout out to #RaiderNation. Best fans in the NFL #RaidersSMDay

— Terrelle Pryor (@TerrellePryor) June 30, 2013

Thankyou S/O to @Raider Nation for ALL the SUPPORT. Your greatly appreciated! The reason we do what we do #Motivation #Respect #RaidersSMDay

— David Bass Jr (@dbass91) June 30, 2013

ShoutOut to the best fans in the business hands down!! #RaiderNation #RaidersSMDay

— Shelton Johnson (@Deucefo_24) June 30, 2013

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