Oakland Raiders Rumors: Will the Raiders Draft Geno Smith?

Updated 12/21/12 3:40pm ET

The Raiders have been abysmal this season, they are 4-11, so rumors are starting to swirl regarding the future of the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders need a shakeup on both sides of the ball, but what they are really lacking is a legit QB who can help them win games. Right now Carson Palmer is doing the Raiders no favors, and shows no promise as a starting QB for the Raiders or any NFL team for that matter.

Looking ahead to the draft, the Raiders will most likely look to draft a QB to help fix this huge hole in their roster. Fortunately for them, this might be the best year for them to draft a QB because their is NOT a lot of QB talent in the draft.

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The only real legit QB in this years draft is West Virginia's Geno Smith, but he is nowhere near the best player in the draft. Considering that the Raiders are not far from the bottom in terms of draft status, they should be able to trade up a few spots and get him for cheap.

Expect the Raiders to trade up to either the 3 or 4 spot in the draft, assuming they are not their already, and draft Geno and pray that he is the franchise QB that they desperately need.


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