Oakland Raiders News: The Rookies Begin With Their Dreams

Oakland Raiders’ own rookie mini camp starts on a Friday and numerous other tryouts shall start happening soon. Their rookies will report to Almeda and the entire team expects a complete turnout of the rookies for the camp that will run for three days. It is certain to cover your entire weekend.

The Raiders expect the ten draft picks to attend along with the 14 undrafted free agents. There will surely be more undrafted ones who are taking the chance for the tryout method. There will be 20 players to try out for the team but no official announcement yet of the player names.

At present, the Oakland Raiders have four open rosters which can land for those who will make a good impression during the tryouts. This just means one thing: more players will go home sad than those who will receive the good news. It is normal to hear from most players who have once been a rookie before that you don’t get to feel you’re a real NFL star unless you have not experienced the practice field.

This weekend will surely be filled with the right mix of adrenaline, ecstasy and a whole lot of pressure.

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