Oakland Raiders News: Raiders vs Colts 3rd Quarter Recap

The Raiders didn't set the world on fire with their first half performance, but they were generally solid on both sides of the ball, and vastly outperformed (the very low) expectations.

The Colts, having deferred after winning the opening toss, started out with the ball. While Andrew Luck had been nearly perfect in the first quarter of the game, his reads and decision-making were unimpressive on the opening drive of the second half. Luck nearly had a pass intercepted on 2nd and 9, and was nearly sacked on third down.

Miraculously, Luck spun out of the sack attempt, and managed to scramble ahead for the first down. However, an offensive face mask set the Colts back, and a sack on a corner blitz from Tracy Porter set up the Colts on a 3rd and 31, which went nowhere.

The next Oakland drive was Pryor's best yet. Multiple times, he skittered away from pressure and found open space, and the Colts D looked utterly incapable of containing him. He broke the Raiders single-game record for rushing yards by a QB about halfway through the quarter, and immediately followed that up with a run that nearly freed him into the Colts secondary. Sebastian Janikowski made no mistake this time, and nailed the 38-yarder to make it 14-10.

The Raiders forced the Colts into a 4th and 1 near midfield, which the Colts decided to try to convert. Excellent pressure on Andrew Luck by Jason Hunter led to a sack, and the Raiders took over at their own 43. Pryor juked through the Colts' pressure once again, and set the Raiders up in Colts territory with time winding down.

On the last play of the quarter, Pryor tried a bomb to Darren McFadden that was originally ruled a touchdown, but replay showed McFadden's left foot to be out of bounds by inches.

At the end of 3, it's Colts 14, Raiders 10.

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