Oakland Raiders News: Emerging Out With True Potential?

Ever since the days of the dark, the Oakland Raiders have always been a challenge to beat for other teams. The term potential has never been that depressing if and only if they have accomplished and achieved the championship title. And recently, the thing that keeps the team from winning and reaching this peak is injuries.

When Tom Cable went in and made a breakthrough with the dark days, it brought hope to many including a sense of respect. That potentiality returned and there was a sense of momentum for the team once again. Then there’s Hue Jackson who also added to the much needed momentum of the team. If there was only one problem is that this momentum plateau earlier than expected.

However, for all Oakland Raiders fans out there, this is not the right time to give up. This team has certainly not missed its true potential yet but is just starting. All we have to do is hang on and hope for the best of the team to be done and achieve this potential everyone is expecting to be fulfilled.

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