Oakland Raiders Feature: Discovering The Profile of UDFA Deveric Gallington

Oakland Raiders UDFA Deveric Gallington stands at 6’3 and weighs about 319 lbs. he has the perfect frame to get him into a Power Blocking scheme. He is said to be versatile to serve as Center and Guard all at the same time. This will surely be required of him especially with Reggie McKenzie having a liking for those who can play numerous spots right on the line of offense.

Even if Gallington is usually used as a Guard, he mentioned himself that he could be better playing as Center. In an interview he said that he is more of a “natural center.” He believes that he is utterly flexible and capable of getting people where they should be.

During the Texas Tech’s March 6th Pro Day, Gallington was able to do 27 reps and even ran a distance of 5.31 40 yard dash. Along with these, he also did a 4.98 on a 20 yard shuttle with an 8.11 on a 3 cone drill. Experts say that the figures are not too amazing but it is not that bad too.

Deveric said too that he was one hot commodity and that it did not take long before he got to sign as an UDFA. Other teams that were contacting him too were the ones with Detroit, Miami, Houston and Carolina.

One thing is for sure: the Oakland Raiders will not stop in beefing up their depth to get ready to strengthen their offensive line and Gallington will surely have a chance to make it to their roster.

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