New York Yankees Rumors: MLBPA wants Alex Rodriguez lawsuit dismissed

In the seemingly never-ending cycle of New York Yankees rumors surrounding suspended Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, it is now being reported that the Major League Baseball Players Association wants nothing to do with the controversial slugger's current legal situation.

The New York Daily News reports that union attorneys representing the MLBPA have sent a four-page letter to U.S District Court Judge Edgardo Ramos, attempting to sway the judge into throwing out A-Rod's lawsuit.

Alex Rodriguez's lawsuit claims that the Players Association only provided "perfunctory"representation to the slugger during his initial arbitration hearings. The MLBPA has countered in their letter to Judge Ramos by stating that the mere fact that the New York Yankees superstar had his suspension reduced by 49 games shows "the union’s forceful advocacy throughout the arbitration.”

In response to the four-page letter, Judge Edgardo Ramos is Alex Rodriguez and his team of lawyers to officially responds to the MLBPA's request for dismissal, along with responding to Major League Baseball in regard to its own motion to have Rodriguez's lawsuit formally dismissed.

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