Grades And Analysis Of The Oakland Raiders' Entire 2015 NFL Draft

The 2015 NFL Draft has reached its conclusion, and it's time to look back on just what the Oakland Raiders did in Chicago and how it sets them up for the future. Here's our Grades And Analysis Of The Oakland Raiders' Entire 2015 NFL Draft.


(All player grades based on spot selected, need, etc.)

1st Round: Alabama WR Amari Cooper [Grade: A+]

2nd Round: Florida State DT Mario Edwards Jr. [Grade: C]

3rd Round: Miami TE Clive Walford [Grade: B]

4th Round: Miami OG Jon Feliciano [Grade: C+]

5th Round: Kansas ILB Ben Heeney [Grade: B-]

5th Round: Florida OLB Neiron Bell [Grade: B]

6th Round: Virginia OLB Max Valles [Grade: B-]

7th Round: Tennessee State OL Anthony Morris [Grade: C+]

7th Round: Florida WR Andre Debose [Grade: C]

7th Round: Kansas CB Dexter McDonald [Grade: C+]

Overall Grade: B/B-

It's hard to talk ill of a draft that contains a likely superstar in Amari Cooper, but Mario Edwards' weight issues and a draft full of one-trick ponies (scheme fits, speed demons, etc.) lacks the depth and consistent upside of the team's banner 2014 draft. Everyone after Cooper could end up proving us wrong, but we're kinda underwhelmed.

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