5 Easy Ways For Raiders Fans To Make The Perfect Fantasy Football Team Name

What's the hardest thing about playing fantasy football? For us, it's not drafting, waiver wire pickups or throwing chairs at the wall when we bench the wrong guy. It's picking a freaking awesome team name. However, we've finally settled on some solutions to all of this. Here's 5 Easy Ways To Make The Perfect Raiders Fantasy Football Team Name.

1. (Player You Hate) + (Naughty Word) + (Slap, Punch, Kick, etc.)

Want to get under the skin of the 49ers fan in your league (first of all, WHY IS HE THERE?) -- go with Kaepernick(bleep)Punch.

Use your imagination on that one.

Hate Peyton Manning and want to make a statement. Manning(bleep)Punt is the way to go.

Easy and mean. That's the way to do this.

2. (Khalil Mack) + (Sacks) + (Your Mom, Grandma, etc.)

We'll let you explain this one to your kids. We're not Sex Ed teachers.

3. Bow To (Raiders Great)

This one is simple and to the point. BowToKennyStabler is both respectful, timely and will remind other players of their place when Derek Carr throws five touchdowns on them in Week 1.

4. (Derek Carr's) + (Adjective) + Food Items 

We're partial to Derek Carr's Awesome Tacos. You might prefer Derek Carr's Spicy Tamales, or Derek Carr's Legendary Pineapple Upside Down Cakes

We were really hungry when we wrote this.

5. (Raider Nation) + (Anything)

When you're reppin' the Raider Nation, you're doing it right.

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