3 Reasons Why The Raiders Will BLOW OUT The Steelers

There are very few guarantees in the game of football, but when it comes to the Oakland Raiders' road game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this week, we've found an exception to the rule. Here's 3 Reasons Why The Raiders Will BLOW OUT The Steelers.

1. Offensive Fireworks

Oakland's spectacular showings on offense over the past two weeks have lifted them to #9 in the NFL for total offense. Derek Carr is the ringleader of an offense that combines size, speed and elusiveness which consistently baffles and stretches defenses to the breaking point. This is not the same Steelers "Steel Curtain" defense of yore. This is a vulnerable D who is prone to falling apart against teams with top-level athletes on offense.

2. Charles Woodson And A Rejuvenated Secondary

Woodson is the defensive MVP of the NFL season's first half. Anybody who tells you any difference is either blind or a liar. His five interceptions lead the NFL, and that's only a portion of his impact. The 39-year-old is leading by example, turning a cast of castoffs and unproven commodities in the secondary into one of the most opportunistic units in all of the league. Ben Roethlisberger is getting picked, and it's likely going to happen multiple times. That's the type of roll this secondary can get on with everything clicking.

3. It's Time

The Raiders are 4-3 and just starting to get the respect they deserve for their turnaround under Jack Del Rio. The momentum this team is building has those who formerly cracked jokes at Oakland's expense eating their words. The great feeling around the Raiders locker room is undeniable, and their desire to make a statement will carry them in Sunday's showdown. Oakland won't be content with escaping Pittsburgh with a win. They're out to beat down an overrated Steelers team and separate themselves as a true playoff contender.

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