10 Raiders players and fans lockout Tweets!

After a long lockout the NFL season is finally on its way. Let's see what players and fans have to say about this highly awaited day.

Brandon Myers:“@JayHawki: @Bmyers83 when do you report?” not sure haven't got the call. I'm guessing wed

Rock Cartwright:@Jware9 I'm going back tomorrow..

Jeremy Ware:"@CoopspartanDog: @Jware9 Good luck this season bro...Let's make this year a year to remember."fosho bruh

Marcel Reece:RT @NoRCaLSaVaGe: @CelReece45 "Everyone is a Raider fan, and those who say they aren't, are filled with jealousy, envy, and are fooling ...

Joseph Barksdale: Some of my followers are like TNT, they know drama

Fan Chatter

Fan: tOnerz: NFL lockout aint even been over for 24 hours and Raiders fans already being annoying.

Fan: darrenrovellNFL Players approve the deal. The NFL Lockout is over. It lasted 189,528 minutes.

Fan: t4iw4n33z#NFL lockout was for how to distribute $9billion in revenue between owners and players. #NHL only has $3billion total to split...poor them.

Fan: josette_collins: the only good thing about today is the NFL lockout is over.#black&silver till the death of me.

Fan: RyleJake#NFL sources say Brett Favre will begin to annoy the world once again, now that lockout is over.

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