Kansas State's 3 Most Likely Bowl Opponents

Kansas State lost their chance at a share of the Big 12 title with a loss to Baylor, but the Wildcats still have a shot to play in a very good bowl game and make one of the premier “New Year’s Six” bowls. Who could K-State end up playing this year?

Michigan State

If Kansas State were to make a “New Year’s Six” bowl, the Spartans are waiting in the Cotton Bowl. Michigan State’s season is over and have locked up a bid to a premier bowl game, and the Cotton Bowl is one of their top targets. Both sides are very similar, sporting outstanding defenses and run-first offenses, which would make for a good matchup.


Alamo Bowl possibility #1 – the UCLA Bruins and their sometimes porous defense. This would be an intriguing battle of UCLA’s pass offense vs. Kansas State’s run offense, with each defense doing its best to keep pinball-like scoring off the board. If anything, this might be one of the more fun matchup possibilities for two teams that fell short of their playoff dreams this season.


The Tigers are essentially locked into the Russell Athletic Bowl, and that seems to be where Kansas State is headed as well. This would create a great matchup of opposites, as Clemson's up-tempo offense will try and force Kansas State to play out of their slower, more methodical comfort zone.


Kansas State's 3 Most Likely Bowl Destinations

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