James Shields, Carlos Gonzalez Linked To Royals In Trade Rumors

Two very interesting Kansas City Royals trade rumors have surfaced in the past few days, with one of them detailing a potential reunion between the Royals and two former players now suiting up for the San Diego Padres: veteran starter James Shields and former top Royals prospect/infielder Wil Myers.

"Myers was the coveted prospect that a lot of fans were up in arms over trading away for Shields, although in retrospect I think it can be agreed upon that Wade Davis was the biggest piece moved in that deal," a recent Royals Review article notes. "It would make (Royals GM Dayton) Moore look like a genius if he could bring both of those players to Kansas City and have some 2013 like results out of Shields and some potential start to break through in Myers."

San Diego has made it clear that they'd really like to trade Shields, but there's still some dissonance over whether they'd be willing to punt on Myers at this point. Still, it's an interesting enough scenario which has the whiff of a Dayton Moore move.

The other trade scenario that has been floated is a major doozy which would have slugger Carlos Gonzalez and second baseman DJ Lemahieu headed from the Colorado Rockies to the defending World Series champions.

The Rockies haven't hidden the fact that they're willing to shop everyone and anyone on their roster, as evidence by dealing Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue Jays before July's trade deadlin. Gonzalez's injury history makes him a risk, but the Rockies would likely pay a significant portion of the two years and $37 million left on his contract in order to pick up a marquee prospect package. CarGo would have an immediate impact in left field if the team fails to re-sign Alex Gordon, but that's only if he can stay healthy

Lemahieu, on the other hand, has just reached arbitration eligibility. He's got a fantastic glove and has four years of team control left, so a package consisted of both he and Gonzalez would likely cost the Royals one or two of their top prospects (Russel, Mondesi, and/or Zimmer) along with 3-4 other players.

As always, all of this is purely part of the rumor mill until proven true. However, it's going to be a very interesting Winter Meetings for the boys in Royal blue.

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