Are The Kansas City Royals And 'Marlins Man' In A Legitimate Feud?

During the first two games of the World Series, you may have noticed a man sitting behind home plate wearing bright orange Miami Marlins gear.

That's Marlins Man, aka Laurence Leavy, who's a Marlins super-fan.

He's known for going to sporting events around the country and wearing his usual Marlins attire, but the Kansas City Royals seem to have taken offense to him.

Leavy claims the Royals were angry with how much air time he was receiving in Game 1 of the World Series, and offered him a suite to vacate his seats directly behind home plate. However, Royals public affairs VP Toby Cook denies those allegations, saying they offered to give him a free Royals jersey.

He went on: "[Leavy] said, 'No, no, this is my M.O. I wear this orange jersey and I get on TV all the time,'" Cook said. "We asked if he's a big Marlins fan and he said, 'God, no, I hate those guys — I just wear this to get on TV.'"

Leavy says those claims are ludicrous.

"I hate the Marlins? I have a Marlins car and the largest collection of Marlins memorabilia probably in the United States."

'Marlins Man' took to Twitter to provide some proof.

Leavy has been a Marlins season ticket holder since their first season in 1993.

His Marlins attire was not as big of an issue in San Francisco, where it was drowned out in the orange-and-black Giants crowd in Game 3.

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