3 Reasons Why Ben Zobrist Made A Huge Mistake Leaving The Royals

We wish Ben Zobrist nothing but the best as a new member of the Chicago Cubs, but we can't help thinking that the grass won't be nearly as green on the other side. Here's 3 Reasons Why Ben Zobrist Made A HUGE Mistake Leaving The Royals.

3. Environment

Zobrist told reporters at the beginning of the offseason that he would have loved to return to Kansas City, citing everything from the clubhouse vibe to the league's most loyal/rabid fan base. He sure picked up a premium contract moving to Chicago, but he's sacrificing a once-in-a-career chance to remain with a franchise where all the stars -- from front office on down -- are aligned. Happiness doesn't have a price tag, and while we can't speak for Zobrist personally, we have no doubt he'd have had a blast remaining in Kansas City. Maybe the home-state factor will trump that down the road, but that's still a "maybe" right now.

2. Overall Fit

Zobrist was used brilliantly by manager Ned Yost during his time with the Royals, as he was slotted into the lineup and on the diamond in optimal situations 99.999% of the time. He was the final puzzle piece which held together a perfectly-balanced offense of speed, contact and brute power.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon will have a ball with Zobrist's versatility, but their lineup is way too top-heavy for Zobrist to play much more than a complementary role. In addition, there's one less lineup spot for Zobrist to fill in the National League with the pitcher's spot in play. Not that he's likely to DH, but he's got a better chance of being pushed into the periphery if he happens to struggle out of the gate.

1. Potential Over Track Record

Does anybody remember all the hype surrounding the Washington Nationals in 2015? Their pitching staff was hailed as the greatest thing to happen to mankind since the invention of the telegraph. Everyone and their mother had the Nats penned in as National League champs in waiting.

What happened? The pitching staff couldn't get traction, the offense went through fits and starts, and the Nats finished out of the playoffs and seven games by the New York Mets in the NL East.

With the Royals, Zobrist was part of a known commodity with back-to-back World Series appearances and a freshly-acquired trophy. With the Cubs, he's part of a collective with a boatload of potential that may or may not realize it as the next few years progress. Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

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