Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Top 5 Players The Chiefs Could Draft at Number One

Updated 1/15/2013 3:10pm Et

As the NFL draft looms ever closer, it still remains very unclear who the Kansas City Chiefs will draft with the first overall pick.

Listed below are the five most likely players the Chiefs will draft number one overall, in no particular order, and what need they will help the Chiefs fill.

Star Lotuleilei

School: Utah

Position: DT

Star Lotuleilei, while he played on a very average Utah team, is one of the most elite run stoppers to enter the draft in a long time. Star is a big physical player who will greatly help improve the Chiefs D-line. The problem with picking star #1 overall is that the Chiefs desperately need help on the offensive side of the ball. Regardless, Star is a very smart pick for the Chiefs at #1.


Geno Smith

School: West Virginia University

Position: QB

At one time Geno Smith was widely considered the universal number one pick overall in this years draft because of the amazing first half of the season he had at WVU.  After a 6-0 start, Geno withered on a national stage against the Kansas State Wildcats and eventually his team spiraled into a very unimpressive 7-6 finish in which they were blown out in the New Era Pinestrip Bowl against Syracuse. Geno does have a huge and very accurate arm, but this midseason meltdown does not help his draft stock at all. If the Chiefs really are desperate for a QB, look to him to be their best option.


Luke Joeckel

School: Texas A&M

Position: OT

Luke Joeckel automatically has to be considered one of the top favorites for the number one overall pick after his performance this season that helped his quarterback Johnny Manzeil win the Heisman Trophy. Given the Chiefs recent woes at the QB position, Joeckel would be a huge addition to this roster because of the outstanding pass protection he brings to his QB's blind side. If the Chiefs do not find a QB that they like with the number one overall pick, they will give a long hard look at Joeckel for the intangibles he will bring to the Chiefs passing game down the road.

Tyler Wilson

School: Arkansas

Position: QB

Tyler Wilson completely went under the scouts radars this season after the Razorbacks had a disastrous 4-8 season. But if you take a closer look at Wilson, he does have the potential of being an elite QB in the future. In his senior season at Arakansas, Wilson had 3387 and 21 touchdowns. Additionally, Wilson is considered very fundamentally sound and probably the best pocket passer available in this years draft. If the Chiefs are willing to take a bit of a gamble with the number one overall pick, Wilson has a lot of upside that could pay off in the future.

Matt Barkley

School: USC

Position: QB

Like the quarterbacks listed above, Matt Barkley suffered from a very underwhelming season after much preseason hype. Barkley was predicted as the preseason favorite for the Heisman trophy, yet failed to even take the Trojans to a bowl victory against a decent Georgia Tech team. Another huge asterisk behind drafting Barkley number one overall is that he did injure his shoulder this season, keeping him out of a huge battle in LA vs the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the postseason.  Barkley does posses probably the most potential of any of the QB's listed, but he did also have the most disappointing season of the three. While Barkley remains a strong possibility for the Cheifs, look for them to pick one of the other two first before they go to Barkley.

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