Will Trevor Lawrence Live Up To The Hype?

Trevor Lawrence has been a star in the making since his record-breaking High School and college career. There had been plenty of talk about him one day being a first overall pick in the NFL draft. It’s not talk anymore as that’s just what he was in the 2021 draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars chose the quarterback, but can he live up to all the hype?

Lawrence isn’t just known for his long blonde hair. The 21-year-old is not believed to be a risk at all for the Jaguars. A stellar NFL career is believed to be on the horizon. Will he be winning Super Bowl titles in 20 years time though?

This is a player who isn’t used to losing. Of his matches in seven years at both High School and college, only four were lost. Lawrence is 6ft 6in but was nowhere near that height when his American Football skills were first noticed.

He was just seven years old when joining the Canterbury Bulldogs youth team. Coach Dave Geros was instantly impressed with the skills shown by Lawrence. His passing ability was already evident Geros believed even then that Lawrence had “something special” and was “head and shoulders above everyone else.”

At just 10 years of age, he was being described as a “phenom.” Four years later, Lawrence was 6ft 3in and everyone wanted to see this star of the future play. How many teenagers require temporary stands to be built to accommodate his growing fan base? That’s what happened at Cartersville who won match after match with him in their team.

No quarterback had won the National Championship in their first year at college for 33 years, but that’s what Lawrence did at Clemson.

The belief is that this is someone who doesn’t just throw a ball accurately but has a brilliant football brain. He is also a person that knows there is a lot more to life than trying to get his team a touchdown. Lawrence does a lot of charity work and is a supporter of the Black Lives Matters campaign.

The Jacksonville Jaguars certainly needs Lawrence. Last season saw them win just one match, losing the other 15. The pressure will be on him to help turn that team around. Could it be that his arrival at the Jaguars will see the kind of resurgence Tom Brady did with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If wanting to make a bet on the NFL, a visit to sportsbettinguide.com is a great idea. There’s lot of help and information about NFL betting lines.

Hype happens a lot in sport and many a time the player doesn’t come up with the goods. The talent that Lawrence has is undeniable. Too many experts have spoken in glowing terms about his abilities. Now comes the test of how he can play in the high pressure NFL. How will he react if the Jaguars don’t start winning games?  A lot will be learned in his first season, but he looks up to the task.

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