Top 5 NFL Teams That Could Trade For Leonard Fournette

NFL Trade Rumors are flying around with the NFL News that the Jaguars are taking calls for a possible Leonard Fournette trade. Fournette is entering the 4th season of his career in Jacksonville, but the team has not yet exercised his 5th year option. Will the Jags trade the young RB to get more NFL Draft picks?

Leonard Fournette’s trade value has never been higher as he’s coming off a career year with 1,152 yards rushing and another 522 receiving yards on a career-high 76 receptions. The Jaguars are clearly in rebuild mode as they’ve traded several star players like Calais Campbell and AJ Bouye. Is Fournette next?

Leonard Fournette trade destinations include several teams as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could make the most sense. After signing Tom Brady, it’s clear the Bucs are all in on winning right now. The Chargers and Rams need to replace Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley respectively. Could one of the LA teams trade for Leonard Fournette?

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Check out the latest on Leonard Fournette and some of the top teams that could trade for Fournette in the VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW:

NFL Daily host Harrison Graham’s top 5 teams that could trade for Leonard Fournette:
#5 Miami Dolphins
#4 Los Angeles Rams
#3 Buffalo Bills
#2 Los Angeles Chargers
#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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