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Jacksonville Jaguars fans: “We don’t want to put extra pressure on our team in Jacksonville to be able to win all the games”

To run a successful NFL franchise, you need buy-in on all sides — ownership, the front office, and fans must have a shared vision. If one group is out of step, it can spell disaster.

That’s why Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s plan to unify these three groups is so important to the franchise going forward.

Last year, the Jaguars posted their seventh losing season in eight years under Khan’s ownership. He sounds excited about decreasing local fan engagement, but simply losing games on the field wasn’t enough. In a bold move, he is removing yet another home game from Jacksonville and his comments yesterday to the Black News Channel demonstrate he will do whatever it takes to bring fans to the same level of interest in winning that he is:

“Jacksonville, I think, is a small market,” Khan said yesterday.