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Do the Jaguars Have What Nick Foles Wants?

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars the team destined to acquire Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles this offseason? Possibly. But there are some things to consider before this happens.

I was just minding my business and scrolling through my Twitter feed as I sat at my desk in perfect procrastination mode when this little nugget by Hays Carlyon of caught my attention.

I read Carlyon’s article to see where he was going with it since he’s a local guy that’s been banging the “Foles to Jags” drum as loud as anyone, and even though I don’t think bringing Foles here makes any long-term sense and even very little short-term sense, he did make some pretty decent arguments in his 2-part “Ideal Nick Foles Plan” regarding scenarios on how to acquire the 7 year journeyman.