Jacksonville Jaguars Team Up With Campers Inn RV for NFL playoffs

Campers Inn RV has teamed up with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 2018 and 2019 NFL season. Campers Inn RV is a chain of family-operated RV dealerships, the largest chain in the United States of America. They have locations from New England to the Southeast.

Ben Hirsch, chief operating officer of Campers Inn RV said in a recent press release that the company is “thrilled to partner with the Jags”. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been an active and impactful participant in the RV community. A huge number of the company’s customers and staff members are fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The partnership is a result of Campers Inn RV’s long-term drive to support and highlight talent within the local community of Jacksonville. The company also hopes that this partnership will help foster the RV community in the city as well as the surrounding areas of Jacksonville.

Campers Inn RV will be bringing their top-of-the-line RV experiences to fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars through a number of NFL and RV related events unique only to their company.

As part of the sponsorship, Campers Inn RV will be setting up a booth to allow RVers to meet with them in the stadium’s Fan Entertainment Zone. A four-day event will also be set up by Campers Inn RV, where fans of American football and recreational vehicles will be able to celebrate their support for the Jaguars. 

Bringing with them All-Pro level statistics, the Jaguars are one of the top-ranked defensive teams this season. They rank among the NFL’s best, with 4.5 yards per play, 164.3 passing yards per game, 14.0 points allowed per game and red-zone conversions at just 25 percent. The Jaguars are also one of the teams with the strongest plays when it comes to defense, having ranked second in Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA). 

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Jaguars fans who will be watching the game at the stadium can buy single game tickets at the Jaguars official site. They can also buy season passes at the site as well if they want to follow the Jaguars at all their away games. 

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