Who has the best coverage for the Jaguars - Chat Sports or ESPN?

Who has the best coverage for the Jacksonville Jaguars – Chat Sports or ESPN?

Chat Sports curates up-to-the-minute Jags content from the local newspapers, national news sources and independent sports blogs covering the Jags all onto one website. We want to be the first and last sports website you use each day to follow the Jags and plan to get there by providing the best personalized sports experience available. By providing you up-to-the-minute content from top sources like The Florida Time Union, ESPNJaguars Central, NFL.com and Big Cat Country, we hope to provide a value for Jags fans that cannot be matched by any other sports news organization.

Almost every Jags fan uses ESPN.com, that fact we know. We now want to find out if ESPN is providing you with the best coverage of the Jacksonville Jaguars, or if there is a better option out there. ESPN claims to be the worldwide leader in sports, but we think you, the sports fan, should really decide that title. So, we challenge you to decide for yourself.

Here’s the challenge: click on the Chat Sports and ESPN links to each sites news page for the Jaguars and then head over to Facebook and let us know who is providing you with better coverage of your team. You can also let us know by voting in the poll here: Chat Sports vs. ESPN

Chat Sports http://www.chatsports.com/jacksonville-jaguars
ESPN http://espn.go.com/nfl/local/team?team=jac

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