The 5 Best Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Team Names

What's the hardest thing about playing fantasy football? For us, it's not drafting, waiver wire pickups or throwing chairs at the wall when we bench the wrong guy. It's picking a freaking awesome team name. However, we've finally settled on some solutions to all of this. Here are the five best Jacksonville Jaguars team names we could come up with:

Orange Julius

Now, that's how you honor your team's biggest offseason acquisition. 


Marcedes Lewis probably isn't making an impact for you fantasy team on the field, but he'll help your team roll in style with this name.

Scobee Diving

Sure, he's a kicker. But it's a name that's too good to pass up.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
Big Ol' Bortles

What better way to honor the young quarterback of your favorite team than with one of these catchy names?

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