4 Easiest Games On The Jacksonville Jaguars' 2015 Schedule

Every game during the course of an NFL regular season takes its toll, but these next four games are the closest thing to breathers the Jacksonville Jaguars will get in 2015. Here's our list of the 4 Easiest Games On The Jacksonville Jaguars' 2015 Schedule.

4. Atlanta Falcons (December 20th)

New Falcons head coach (and former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator) Dan Quinn is already paying dividends for Atlanta's D in camp, but there's only so much both he and his staff can do to quell the dumpster fire flames of 2014's worst defense -- at least in year one. They'll improve in increments, but the Jags offense could very well gash them mercilessly with most of a regular season's worth of rhythm behind them.

3. New York Jets (November 8th)

If Geno Smith escapes the 2015 season's first two months as the Jets' starting quarterback, this Week 3 tilt at the Meadowlands could be the closest thing to spontaneous career combustion we've seen in NFL history. The Jets are on the come-up under new head coach Todd Bowles, but they'll be anchored in the muck as long as Geno is under center. But to be fair, Ryan Fitzpatrick and a green Bryce Petty don't really present better options.

2. Tampa Bay Bucs (October 11th)

We're not sure what to expect out of Jameis Winston's first year in the pros. Will he win Rookie of the Year? Will he get a hankering for crab legs that only a shoplifting trip can satisfy? The rest of Bucs are a smattering of intriguing young pieces and cagey veterans with a bushel of replacement level players, so there's really not much to worry about here regardless of which road Jameis ends up taking in the long run.

1. Tennessee Titans (November 19th, December 6th)

There are big things ahead for 2014 Heisman winner Marcus Mariota, but he'll be working behind an offensive line that has been in flux since the start of the decade. Mariota is effective out of the pocket, but that's not going to translate when his linemen can neither start nor finish blocks in the open field.

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