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It's time for Selangor to start letting go of cavernous, cumbersome Shah Alam Stadium

If Selangor are serious about rebuilding, they need to accept that big is not necessarily better, when it comes to their traditional home ground.

Perhaps reflecting the decline in the fortunes of the team that makes it their homeground, the Shah Alam Stadium has seen better days.

Despite its size, these days, the 80,000-seater multi-purpose venue is looking more like a liability to the 33-time Malaysia Cup winners than an asset.

Competitions organiser Malaysian Football League's (MFL) sudden commitment towards fan safety by barring the Red Giants from using the stadium just one week before the 2020 season kicked off due to rumours that pieces of the roof were falling off onto the stands below may raise a few eyebrows, but there's no questioning that the decision was the latest in a long line of issues faced by the state of Selangor-owned ground.