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60-year-old Suriname vice president Brunswijk starts CONCACAF League match for Inter Moengotapoe

Ronnie Brunswijk, the 60-year-old vice president of Suriname, started and played 54 minutes for Inter Moengotapoe in Tuesday's CONCACAF League clash with Olimpia.

Bruswijk, who owns the club and serves as the team president, captained his club and played into the second half before being substituted.

The politician's side wasn't victorious, however, as Inter Moengotapoe fell 6-0.

What happened?

Brunswijk's history

Brunswijk assumed the role of Suriname's vice president in July 2020, having long been a key figure in the country's political climate.

He was a rebel leader who formed the Surinamese Liberation Army, better known as the Jungle Commando, in 1985 as he fought for the rights of African descendents.