How Do Live Bets Work In Basketball?

Basketball is becoming more and more popular
The origins of basketball can be traced back to the year 1891. The game was invented in America and before then this team sport had a legendary triumph around the world. Especially in America, Southern Europe and China, basketball is very important, sometimes even more so than football. But also in Germany this sport is becoming more and more popular. 

The most important things about basketball
In basketball, two teams of five field players each play against each other. The goal is to throw the ball as often as possible into the opponent's basket, which is placed at a height of exactly 3.05 meters. This explains why basketball players like to be two metres tall. A game consists of quarters that usually last 10 to 12 minutes, depending on the league. If there is a draw at the end of the fourth quarter, the game goes into extra time. One extra time lasts five minutes, there are so many extra time until a winner is determined. And now for the points.

One basket is not one basket
In contrast to many sports, it is not only important that the ball is transported into the opponent's goal or basket, but the HOW plays an important role. So a basket is not just a basket - at least when it comes to scoring. A basket that is achieved by a free-throw scores one point. A "normal" basket scores two points, but a basket is scored if the player stands behind the so-called three-point line, then there are three points. The three-point line is 6.75 metres from the centre of the basket. The winner is the team that has the most points at the end of the season. If there is a tie, the game goes into extra time. By awarding different points, depending on how a basket was scored, the games are much harder to assess and therefore more tense. 

The most important thing about live betting
Live bets are bets placed during a game. While with conventional bets, so-called pre-event bets, the sports bet can only be placed until the start of the game, with live betting the action begins only then. Bets can usually be placed until the final whistle. This offers some significant advantages for live betting compared to conventional betting. For example, live bets can include the daily form of the team and individual players before placing a bet. Also the actual line-up, barriers and injury-related losses are important factors that have an influence on the outcome of the bet. In addition, however, especially if you wait a few minutes to place the bet, you can see what tactics the teams are using. And don't forget the course of the game. There are also very good possibilities for securing bets.

Basketball and live betting - how?
Because basketball can be a fast game and change, live betting is a bit more challenging, but it also results in very good odds. Important for placing basketball live bets is an online bookie, which has an extensive offer. The experts at have taken a closer look at the most important and popular bookies and found some very good providers of live basketball betting. The most interesting leagues from a German point of view are of course the BBL, the Basketball-Bundesliga and the NBA, the National Basketball Association and the Professional League of America. The NBA is considered the strongest and best known basketball league. There are also many other countries that offer exciting leagues and games. The international competitions such as the World Championship, European Championship, Champions League, Euroleague and Eurocup are also important. Find the best bookmakers here.

Just as important as various leagues and tournaments are the betting options that an online bookie has to offer. One of the most important bet types in live basketball betting is:
- Match bets - these are bets on the victory of the home or away team or on a draw. This is often accompanied by a betting option as to whether the game goes into extra time.
- Handicap - in handicap betting, the weaker team gets a score. This serves to make the quotas more attractive. The team that has been typed must then win including this score.
- Total points above/below - you don't bet on the victory of a particular team, but on the total number of points scored by both teams. Here there is usually also the betting option whether the number of points is even or odd.
- Race to 50/60/100 etc. Points - in this betting market you bet on which team reaches the specified number of points first.
- Many of these bet types are also offered for the individual quarters.

In addition, betting, pre-events and live, the odds are of particular importance. After all, they determine the amount of the payout. In addition, many bookmakers offer a live stream. This not only makes the game more exciting, because you can follow it live, instead of only in a ticker, but you can see with your own eyes the form of the players, the course of the game and much more and include in the betting.

The bottom line
Our goal was to give you a first overview about basketball and live betting. It is important to bear in mind that live betting can be a challenge, especially in basketball. Due to the fact that baskets bring different points, predicting the result is more difficult. On the other hand, this fact brings a lot of excitement with it, which makes live betting even more attractive. It is important to choose the right bookie. Although most Internet betting providers offer basketball, there are major differences in the live betting offer. Relevant is on the one hand which leagues are offered, but also which bet types are offered in the live betting offer and at which odds. If this meets your expectations and expectations and there is also a live stream to follow the game, then nothing stands in the way of live betting fun!

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