Flightline To Be Introduced To Breeders And To Become One Of The Most Expensive Sires In The US In No Time

The world of horse racing has experienced a massive shake up in the past week or so. It all began when Flightline, one of the best horses alive today, won the Breeders’ Cup Classic, and a day after, his trainers announced his retirement. As it turns out, Flightline will no longer be running the dirt, but rather will be spending the rest of his career as a stallion.

Understandably, a horse with as much potential as Flightline almost immediately became a star among breeders. Only a week after the announcement was made, Flightline already has become the priciest sire in the world of horse racing.

Who is Flightline?
Born in 2018, Flightline is a Thoroughbred Colt, sired by Tipit with a mare named Feathered. His grandsire was Pulpit and his damsire is Indian Charlie, two horses who did quite well in their time. In other words, Flightline’s pedigree is quite respectable.

But a pedigree is not all that it takes to propel a horse to superstardom. Since his debut in April of 2021, Flightline has raced some of the most prestigious tracks in the field. Among his biggest victories is also his latest. In early November of 2022, Flightline took to the Breeders’ Cup, and finished in first place.

The Breeders’ Cup is one of America’s most prestigious races, comparable to the big-name races that take place during day 3 of the Cheltenham Festival in England. So, Flightline’s trainers’ decision to retire the colt after one of the biggest wins in his career is certainly a good one.

Flightline Will Primarily Work as a Sire
So, what is next for the prize-winning horse? Well, as is the case whenever a horse makes it big, the colt will be working primarily as a stallion. Only 10 days after his retirement, Flightline has already become the most sought after and pricey sire in the world.

Flightline was bred by the Summer Wind Equine farm in 2018, and a year later was purchased for a clean $1 million. For those who consider the sum to be way too high, fret not. Just 3 years after the purchase, Brookdale Farm paid $4.6 million for a 2.5 per cent share in the horse. In other words, the horse has more than quadrupled his worth in the 3 years since he entered the professional racing world.

While many might see these incredible sums and react with shock and awe, others realize that Flightline is worth every penny. Not only has he raced some of the most prestigious tracks, he has also gone undefeated in all six of his runs. He has also been given a rank of 139, making him the greatest racer in the world. In other words, Flightline is widely considered the world’s best racehorse. So, it is not surprising that people are willing to drop millions for a chance to get a stake in the horse.

Some Concluding Thoughts
Flightline first gained prominence when he competed at the Malibu Stakes in 2021. A Grade I Thoroughbred race, the Malibu Stakes might be California’s top tier horse racing event. At the time, Flightline was still considered an up-and-comer though. It wasn’t until 2022, when Flightline absolutely left Country Grammer in the dust during the Del Mar Pacific Classic. It was during this event that he earned his 139 ranking, putting him in the pantheon with some of the greatest sport stars around the world. And while he may be a horse, sports fans name him alongside athletes like Messi and Ronaldo, who are widely considered the best in football. In other words, Flightline is worth every penny that has been dropped on him so far.

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