Cricket Fans Praying for the Return of Normality

Thanks to Cricket being a truly international sport, even though you may be still in lockdown, and unable to get out an about to watch Cricket matches as you once did, many countries are now coming out of those lockdowns and sporting events are slowly but surely returning to some form of normality.

As such even though there may not be any live Cricket matches being played locally, you will still have the opportunity of watching some matches being played in different countries of the world on television.

But it has been a struggle for every single sport fan recently, and as the author and sports betting specialist Doug Hirdle told me, even the biggest betting companies in the world have suffered financially with few matches being played which in turn has seen cricket betting revenue dropping through the floor.

Keeping the faith is important, for no matter how hard things have been, we will one day and hopefully one day soon will get back to normal and can finally go about doing the things we once took for granted.

How the Pandemic May Change Cricket Matches
In the short term at least, when we are allowed to venture outside in some form of normality, there will be some restrictions no doubt imposed on us, when for example we visit a Cricket ground to watch a match live and in person.

As for what we are going to be forced to do when visiting such a venue, well there is of course a good chance that masks my still be required, and social distancing will possibly still be required also.

That will of course change the entire social element of visiting a Cricket ground in person, for a lot of the camaraderie will be lost, but that is a price we will have to pay, however I do need convincing whether sitting watching a Cricket match outside does require a mask if you are social distancing.

But if those are some of the precautions that we need to take to ensure that we can get back to some form of normality then it is something we will need to do.

There will of course be a certain element of society that will be fearful of crowds when we are all allowed out and may prefer to stay at home and simply watch sporting events on TV or listen to them being played on the radio instead.

That is sadly another going negative effect of this pandemic and one that will need to be addressed at some point int the future too, we will wait and see I suppose.

Cricket Sponsorship Will Suffer Over the Short Term
One thing that is likely to suffer regarding these ongoing lockdowns is sport sponsorship, for whilst in years gone by many business owners have been more than happy to throw money at Cricket in return for advertisement opportunities and the like, many of those businesses are having to make some dramatic cutbacks.

When you couple the loss of income from such sport sponsorship and the obvious lack of income coming in through ticket sales, that could spell the end of many smaller Cricket Clubs across the globe.

Many players have had to negotiate a drop in their salaries, but for many players of much smaller clubs many of them have been furloughed if allowed to be or have had no other option but to not take a salary at all.

Let us just hope the powers that be, such as club owners and even the Government look at ways that they can save the entire sporting industry, but sadly some clubs will not make it, there is no getting away from that simple fact.

Much like everybody else caught up in these lockdowns, please do try and keep the faith, no matter how hard they may be to do, for soon, and hopefully sooner rather than later we will all be able to get back to normal.

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