Beginner Wakeboarding Tricks - How To Wakeboard

If you have ever watched any experienced wakeboarders, you will have clearly noticed the tricks that they do. They all look so impressive and while some look easy to do, others definitely do not. How long do you have to wakeboard before you are able to do tricks? It might take some practice, but when you finally pull off a trick, you will be ecstatic.

You do not need to wait to try to master the beginner wakeboard tricks. After all, the faster that you get started, the faster that you will get the hang of them. It is important to note that before you really jump into these tricks, you will need to have a good control over your beginner wakeboard and feel comfortable riding. Otherwise, you are not ready to make the transition into tricks.

Here are some of the best beginner wakeboarding tricks out there.

Crossing the Wake: The first trick that you can work on is crossing the wake. This works by leaning into your toe and heel edges while pulling the rope away from the boat. Doing this, you will feel your wakeboard begin to turn naturally. If it does not feel fluid, then it is not working the way that it is supposed to. The result of this movement is a water carve.

As you are continuing to rid, turn your chest and your shoulders in the direction of the boat. The handle needs to be moved from the outside of your front hip into the inside, transferring your weight back onto your heels.

Do not try to pull this off quickly. This is a slow and controlled kind of movement. Your knees will need to stay bent and you need to avoid steering with the rope or you will fall into the water. As you control your body, you will find yourself crossing the wake.

To go in the other direction, you need to push your knees down and press into your toes. Then, turn your chest and shoulders in the direction you want to move. You should start to move in the other direction across the wake.

Jumping the Wake: The second move that you might want to try out is the wakeboard jump. You will do this by edging toward the top of the wake and picking up speed. Making sure that your knees are still bent, you will have the handle at your front hip. Then, stand up tall and slowly straighten your legs as you get close to the wake. That way, you will get the pop up into the air that you need.

Surface 180: The final trick for beginners that we will look at is the surface 180. This is a spin move and will really let you feel like you can really wakeboard. It works by rotating your board a full 180 while remaining on the water’s surface. The trick itself is fun, but it is also a good way to learn even more control over your board.get back up when you fall and try the move all over again.

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