7 Essential Bike Accessories for Any Cyclist

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or an aspiring biking novice, there is specific equipment that you must have when for your hobby. Certain kinds of bike accessories are essential to keeping you comfortable, safe, and stylish. The following are a few of the most necessary parts and accessories you need to get the most out of your next ride. 

1. Bike Helmet
It may seem obvious but having a quality helmet for cycling is essential. In many states, it’s actually a law that you wear a helmet while on a bike. Even if there are no laws where you live, you want to be safe rather than sorry and don the appropriate headgear. 

When you’re choosing the right helmet for your needs, your top priority should be fit. A helmet that fits properly is one that can save lives. To figure out the right sizing, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your head. This part should be one inch above your eyebrows. Get a helmet that matches these measurements. 

A helmet that fits well should feel snug but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable. It should be level on your head and the front end should sit one inch above your brows. If your helmet shifts a lot when you push it, you should adjust the fit. 

2. Water Bottle or Hydration Pack
Another must-have you need for every bike ride is a water bottle and hydration pack. Having a bottle is especially important for those who want to ride long distances on their bike. Keeping yourself properly hydrated will aid you in riding easier and help you recover quickly. 

To ensure that you’re getting enough water, a basic rule of thumb is to drink 20 ounces for every hour that you plan to ride. Find a hydration pack or bottle that can easily attach to your bicycle in a bottle cage to carry it while you’re on the move.

3. Eye Protection
Wind and other elements of the outdoors can abruptly interrupt your ride. Rocks, bugs, and debris can fly into your eye and cause an accident in an instant. Keep your eyes safe by purchasing the right eye protection. You can easily find glasses or goggles that provide more coverage than other glasses. 

Your glasses should also come with UV protection. The sun can also cause distraction and affect your ride. If you wear glasses, research your prescription options. No matter what type of protection you get, be sure that it’s crafted from polycarbonate lenses which are impact resistant. 

4. Gloves
Novice cyclists may not realize that pedaling for miles and miles can leave callouses on your hand from gripping the handlebars for so long. Gloves are crucial biking apparel for cyclists both old and new. Gloves made for those who ride bikes are designed to have padding that prevents blisters, provides shock absorption, and alleviate numbness. 

5. Cycling Shorts
Whether they’re currently in fashion or not, having bike shorts is a must. There’s nothing worse than getting a rash from wearing jeans or getting your joggers twisted up in the pedals. Having the perfect bike shorts will make riding more comfortable and enjoyable. They’ll dissipate the heat from friction and weather, and the tight fit provides unrestricted movement.

6. Bike Rack
Finding out where you like to bike is important. Having a way to easily get you and your bike there is equally as important, which is why having a bike rack is essential. Whether you’re looking for the best hitch bike rack or just a well-fitted trunk rack, you want to ensure that your bicycle is secured and safe as you drive. 

7. Bike Lock
Unfortunately, bike theft is a part of the whole cycling scene. No one thinks that they’ll be a victim, but it can happen to anyone. A good bike lock protects you from these situations. There are several types of locks with many pros and cons. Do your research and figure out which one has features that you determine fits your needs. 

Cycling is a fun sport or hobby to get into if you’re looking to be more active. Whether you’re just getting into or have been riding for years, be sure to have the essential equipment to make the most of your time. And, remember, cycling can be dangerous. Always be aware of your surroundings while out on your bike.

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