Pictures - The Manning brother's wives

The all-star quarterback brothers both have Super Bowl Rings, but who was able to bring home the goods at home? Ashley Manning, Peyton's wife, and Abby Manning, Eli's wife, are two very classy ladies.  But, neither or them compare to the likes of NBA star Dwayne Wade's girlfriend Gabrielle Union.  So readers, do you think that NBA players tend to have hotter girls than NFL players? Or are the Manning brothers just inept at finding girls with beauty that match their talent on the field?


Ashley Manning (Peyton's wife) looking mighty regale









Peyton has the talent, but does Ashley have the looks to match?








Abby Manning (Eli's Wife) lookin' sexy in the dress!









Who makes a cuter couple: Eli and Abby (below) and Peyton and Ashley (above)?

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