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The Indiana Pacers are going counter-culture with Turner and Sabonis

I’d like to start this discussion off by looking at some key contracts from the last 3 years not signed by your Indiana Pacers. These all fall after the cap explosion and resulting contract disaster many teams faced after signing ill advised long term deals; meaning these were all signed after half of the NBA compromised their cap flexibility and asset pool.


Tobias Harris: 5 years, $180 million

Harrison Barnes: 4 years, $85 million

Bojan Bogdanovic: 4 years, $73 million

Rudy Gay: 2 years, $32 million


Trevor Ariza: 2 years, $25 million

Marcus Morris: 1 year, $15 million

Trevor Ariza: 1 year, $15 million

Rudy Gay: 1 year, $10.