Check out Lance Stephenson getting all mushy talking about the Miami Heat

After the Miami Heat's decisive Game 6 victory on Friday, clinching them their fourth straight NBA Finals appearance, the Indiana Pacers' Lance Stephenson put all the ear blowing and face caressing aside with a message on his Instagram account:

I have much respect for LeBron and the heat. This was a great series they deserve it all love to Heat. Want to say that I’m so proud of my teammates we work so hard all year to get to point, Everything is a learning experience and getting better every year love u guys Pacer nation and thanks to all of our Pacer fans love y’all too

Here's a picture of that "love" in action which Stephenson attached to his message of peace and understanding:



At least we'll always have the memories.


Thanks to Nick Schwartz of For The Win and GifD_Sports.


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