Trey Lyles Decommits from Indiana University Basketball

Apparently my last article was so compelling Trey Lyles decide to help me write my next, but not in a way that I was excited about. Trey Lyles from Arsenal Tech decided to decommit from Indiana University this week. Lyles committed to Indiana University in just his freshman year of high school. This would seem uncommon and rather premature except for the fact that he hadn’t seemed to want to go anywhere else. Indiana was excited to have a top 10 recruit for the class of 2014, and he seemed to be comfortable with his early decision. Until recently when his basketball coach at Tech informed everyone via Twitter that Trey would be seeking other options as well.

This leaves Hoosiers confused and a little hurt. Just last week Lyles played with Junior and starting forward Will Sheehey in the Adidas Nations Championship. This seemed like it was a great opportunity for the two to get to know each other on and off the court He has seemed nothing short of thrilled to be playing for the team. All of his tweets have been nothing but workouts and preparing for the season this summer. He has said nothing about looking for other options and nothing about leaving Indiana.

I understand that he wants the feeling of being chased, everyone likes the attention and I don’t blame him. It’s the first taste of feeling like a star and he just wants to make sure that he gets his moment. However there is a double-edged sword for Lyles. With a spot opening up for Crean and his staff to look at other recruits there is no guarantee that Lyles will have a spot to come back to.

Being a 6’10 forward who can dribble, dunk, and shoot an outside shot, he seems to be just what the Hoosier will need in a few years. Especially since most of our forwards currently will be graduating or in their senior year. Lyles may have to bulk up a little before he plays college basketball but being that he is only a junior, he could easily gain the muscle he needs. As well as working with the off-season coaches and trainers, he could easily be ready to play by his freshman season.

The questions on everyone’s mind now are what will happen to the men’s basketball team? Will they lose momentum going into recruiting seasons this year and next? Will Lyles recommit? No one can answer these now and if Lyles needs time to realize what he wants, let him look. Hoosier fans would love to see Lyles in candy-stripe warm ups but he has to want it just as badly as we do. No one can deny that Lyles is a great basketball player, but no one can deny that Indiana is a great basketball school.

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