To say I’ve been obsessive over my bracket lately is a bit of an understatement. I also may be completely biased in thinking that I have the best bracket around, with Indiana and Louisville playing in the final game. While I realize that this would be the holy grail of NCAA games, with both the overall #1 and the third #1  seed dueling for a championship I would like to argue that this season has been the holy grail of NCAA basketball.

If we think about it, we have had 5 teams be #1 this season and each of those teams has all been in the top 25 for the majority of the season., with Louisville and IU being in the top 5 at the beginning of the season. Then we have to think about how many teams have been upset. Indiana has been upset, both in the B1G conference and out. They have also beaten the #1 seed to claim the spot themselves. We also can’t forget about Duke getting upset, Kentucky not even making it to the big dance and getting out in their first game of the NIT, and Gonzaga finishing the season in the number one spot. This year has been absolutely amazing in a basketball sense, and that only makes the tournament that much more exciting. Also, the fact that no commentator has the same champion for the tournament and even Vegas is saying that it could be anyone’s game is exciting.

Personally, what makes things even amore exciting is the fact that it could be a B1G final four. While Michigan and Michigan State would really have to fight it out, I don’t doubt that the winds can change and could pull out wins in their regions. Ohio State and Wisconsin would have to battle it out for their region but I have Ohio State on that one. Mainly because I hate Wisconsin and Brusewitz more than I hate getting sunburn on spring break or a really bad hangover during tailgate season. However, I do think that Ohio State can best Wisconsin and they have proved that they can by winning the B1G tournament last weekend.

While at first I was a little upset to not get the Midwest region for our bracket, but after looking at our bracket versus the gauntlet that Louisville has to play, I’m completely fine taking the east. Our toughest games, depending on how far we go in the tournament, would be NC State, Syracuse, and Miami. This is by no means an easy feat, with NC State having their 30th anniversary of their school winning with the legendary Jimmy V, and Syracuse has always been a great school, and Miami has a very good chance of winning overall as well.

If Indiana plays the way we all know they can, we have a great chance at bringing home the 6th banner. Victor has been playing like a man with a mission, Cody has been showing his improvement in free throws as well as pushing back down low, and if Jordy can get out of his funk and start nailing threes we could win many of our games by double digits. We also have a deep team in Yogi being able to handle the ball and make crisp passes (but he does need to take more control), Watford making his shots and hustling down the floor, as well as Remy and Hollowell coming off the bench, we are a deep team.

Another important factor that other teams don’t have is the hunger and urgency in both the players and the fans. It’ has been almost 30 years since we have won a national title and 11 years since we have made it to the final game. Honestly, this is the year to do it. It’s almost guaranteed that Vic will go pro, and I don’t blame him. I don’t want him to but it is almost positive he will go to the next level. The same goes for Cody. Depending on his seed in the NBA draft and how close he is to gaining his college degree I can see him leaving too. We are also loosing Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston, and Christian Watford do to graduation… And that’s 4 of our 5 starters. If we are going to win, this is the year and I’m praying to any and all gods that we do.

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