2011 Indiana Hoosiers Football Preview-QB

2011 Indiana Preview

Part I: Offense- Quarterbacks

The Indiana Hoosiers offense will continue to put up big points this year. Former Oklahoma OC, Kevin Wilson takes over as the Hoosiers head football coach and has brought along Co-Offensive Coordinators, Kevin Johns, from Northwestern, and Rod Smith, Rich Rodriguez’s buddy from Michigan and West Virginia to help him put together another explosive offense. Wilson hasn’t decided who yet will be calling the plays on Saturdays this fall, but has made it quite clear that the Hoosier offense is going to be up-tempo with a no huddle system put in place. The biggest question heading into fall camp is who will start at QB for the Hoosiers. Indiana lost Ben Chappell to graduation. Although the Hoosiers lost WR Tandon Doss to the Baltimore Ravens, the strength on offense is at the WR/TE positions. The Hoosiers have very skilled players and depth at this position.

Kiel vs. EWB vs. Roberson?

Red-shirt sophomores Dusty Kiel and Edward Wright-Baker spent time as Chappell’s back up last year. Most fans and media experts expect the quarterback competition to come down to Kiel or EWB, but the coaches have insisted that others are also in the mix. Junior Adam Follett and Senior Teddy Schell also battled throughout the Spring. Incoming freshman, Tre Roberson, was Indiana’s Mr. Football throwing for 2,600 yds and 24 Td’s along with rushing for 21 Td’s and almost 2,000 yds rushing yds.

Coach Wilson has stated that he will not name a starting QB until what could be just days before the season opener, Sept. 3 vs. Ball State @ Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Wilson has stated in earlier interviews that the QB position is one that is awarded by the team, not appointed by the coaches. Before naming a QB, Wilson wants to see who can lead the team not only on the field, but also off of it.

The Candidates:

Dusty Kiel-(6-2, 216) RS-Soph- Strong arm, can run out of the pocket if needed, at times last year when called upon, he had the deer in the headlights look. Had way to many turnovers for his limited amount of playing time. Spring stats were 14-27, 196 yds, 2Td’s, but again had 2 TO’s.

Edward Wright-Baker-(6-1, 217) RS-Soph- Doesn’t have the arm strength as Kiel, but has the ability to break the field wide open with his legs. Rod Smith has been known for his ability to turn QB speedsters Denard Robinson, Michigan, and Pat White, WVU, into superstars. Can he do the same with EWB? Spring stats were 8-10, 82yds and a TD.

Tre Robinson- (6-0, 180) FR- Can he learn the offense in the month of August? Tre has the talent in both his arm and his legs to be a great Big 10 quarterback. The question is he ready for Big 10 football in his freshman year? It might be smart to keep him in the mix to gain some experience, build some strength, but we also might be looking at moving Tre to a new position with Gunner Kiel coming in next year.

Adam Follett- (6-5, 226) RS Jr.- Adam has thrown only 3 pass attempts in his career. He will more than likely have a very important role in the offense, but it will be helping send in the calls from the sidelines during the no-huddle offense.

Teddy Schell- (6-5, 229) Sr.- Although Schell has seen game experience as a freshmen, he has found his place on the field as the field goal/extra point’s holder. One thing we might see with the new offense in place is using Teddy for some fake fg attempts.


I think that when IU takes the field at 7pm on Sept. 3, we are going to see Dusty Kiel under center. He is more of the pro-style quarterback that Wilson has coached at previous coaching stops. It will be up to Kiel on how long he is the starter. If he makes mistakes and turns the ball over, Wilson will have no problem bringing in EWB and or possibly Roberson later in the season. Whoever starts the first game, could very well not be the starter of the Hoosiers 2011 bowl game.

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